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Workscope for Insurance Companies

Boost visibility and maintain model integrity to protect the underwriting and pricing processes.

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Reduce Costs & Accelerate Time to Outcome

Harness Automation for Sensitive Data Discovery Hiding within EUCs

In today's heightened data risk environment, breaches or non-compliance findings can tarnish reputations, disrupt operations, or incur financial losses. Workscope offers an automated method to discover, classify and manage sensitive data concealed within end-user developed applications. This strengthens controls, reduces risks, and instills confidence in managing data and adhering to regulatory standards.
Harness Automation for Sensitive Data Discovery Hiding within EUCs

Get End-to-End Data Visibility Amidst Complexity

Dive deep to automatically map, analyze, and understand data dependencies, pinpointing potential errors, outdated data usage, or redundancies. With its capability to visually depict the intricate network of file interconnections down to the column and attribute level, Workscope amplifies data visibility. This enables you to bolster data governance, anticipate the downstream impact of changes, and guarantee meticulous data source management.
Get End-to-End Data Visibility Amidst Complexity

Seamlessly Build an Inventory

Brings a layer of monitoring and governance over EUC risks (including spreadsheets, VBA, and Microsoft Access files), steaming from incorrect handling, using outdated information, faulty configurations, or other human errors. The platforms helps organizations perform real-time and continuous analysis automatically assign risk metrics, prioritize risks, generate alerts, and create governance rules to mitigate the potential risks.
Seamlessly Build an Inventory

Use Automation to Boost Resilience

Cost-effective, fast deployment without business disruption. Workscope delivers transparency, insights, and controls to identify and manage End-User Developed and Citizen Applications. Obtain complete inventory visibility and efficiently orchestrate automated governance. Live reports ensure you can measure KPIs aligned with your internal risk appetite and evidence resilience.
Use Automation to Boost Resilience

Agile Oversight in a Dynamic Landscape

Proactively discover, monitor, review, and assess changes to EUCs, spreadsheets, and other "Shadow IT" data assets throughout your enterprise. Gain a centralized view of enterprise-wide spreadsheet usage. Ensure files can be managed within an efficient, friction-free governance process, providing transparency to management and auditors on demand.
Agile Oversight in a Dynamic Landscape

Spend More Time on High Value Work

Eliminate the risk of human error, map data dependencies and leverage EUC process insights to accelerate governance and transformation initiatives.
Build Trust
Discover, classify and maintain visibility over sensitive data at scale; ensure GDPR and CCPA compliance effortlessly.
Continuous Visibility
Constantly maintain and analyze your enterprise file inventory, enabling easily accessible and comprehensive reporting and management.
Data Minimization
Fast-track data reduction and streamline cloud migrations by auto-detecting similar, duplicate, and redundant data.
Downstream Impact Identification
Proactively inform data consumers of issues. Early visibility and alerts enable workflow adjustments, ensuring operational efficiency and integrity.
Reduce Data Costs
Workscope auto-discovery helps organisations spot duplicate datasets, allowing companies to consolidate vendor data and cut costs.
Metadata insights are stored securely using industry best practices; role-based access ensures limited, necessary access to reporting.
Map the entire environment and eliminate the risk of incomplete results and maintain real-time visibility across files no matter where they are located.

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Can we test Workscope before making a commitment?
For enterprise clients, we offer a limited-scope Pilot that allows you to experience the deployment and core features firsthand.
Are there training resources available for new Workscope users?
Yes, we offer a range of training resources, from detailed documentation to video tutorials, ensuring that all users can make the most out of Workscope's capabilities.
Is Workscope compatible with cloud storage solutions?
Yes! Workscope can discover files on cloud storage platforms, and we can deploy the Workscope solution in various cloud environments.
How much time does it take to implement Workscope?
It depends on your organization's deployment model, but implementation can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

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