Workscope Governance

Define, manage & monitor governance frameworks, leveraging AI, friction-free alerts and automatic evidence collection. Prioritize the risks that matter most without distracting attention from high value work.
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With Workscope, Proactively Manage Technology and Data Risks at Scale. Leverage AI to Classify Risks and Orchestrate Questionnaires.

Define & Measure Risks Relevant to Your Organization

Utilize Workscope to employ both quantitative and qualitative measures, setting clear risk thresholds and effectively classifying potential risk tailored to your company's unique needs.
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Harness AI for Risk Classification

Streamline your risk assessment process with AI-powered classifications, drastically reducing manual effort and processing time, even when faced with vast volumes of files and data.
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Leverage Machine Learning Algorithms to Set and Monitor Risk Thresholds

Machine learning algorithms act as your risk-management co-pilot, guiding your focus towards the most impactful risks, ensuring that you address what truly matters to your organization.
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Make It Easy for End-Users to Engage with Policy Requirements

Workscope alerts end-users to emerging risks and the specific issues tied to their files and data, all without interrupting their workflow, encouraging better governance participation.
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A consistent and unibased way to monitor internal processes

Discover & decode the ecosystem

Get an objective pulse on your operations tasks through a rapid discovery platform which analyses files regardless

Streamline Governance

Get an objective pulse on your operations tasks through a rapid discovery platform which analyses files regardless Identify key risks and detect threats before they become major incidents.

Supercharge transformation

Adapt quickly and safely with the visibility and business context to understand where the best ROI opportunities are


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How does Workscope's automated governance workflow work?
Workscope's automated governance workflow identifies files that meet specific criteria (e.g., risk levels or internal governance thresholds) and triggers relevant actions, such as sending a questionnaire to the end-user, ensuring a fast, efficient and user-friendly governance process.
Can we define a policy specific to our organization?
Yes! You have the full flexibility to define your policy based on a range of qualitative and quantitative factors.
Is the AI-driven risk detection in real-time?
Yes! Our AI continuously monitors and analyzes data patterns to detect risks in real time, allowing organizations to address issues proactively and track remediation.
Can we customize the questionnaires sent to end users?
Yes! You will be able to fully customize the questionnaires to ensure they address the policy of your organization. Additionally, you can continue to update them as your policy evolves.
How does Workscope integrate with our existing systems?
Workscope can integrate with a wide range of platforms and third-party systems through our API. This means you can send notifications or create tickets via other systems if you wish.

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