Workscope Discovery

Consistently maintain a pulse on files, data and processes that reside outside core systems to automatically govern and transform the business processes driving your business.
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With Workscope, Rapidly Discover, Build an Inventory, and Gain Insights into Citizen-Developed Applications and Data.

Understand how people, data and processes are connected across the enterprise

Discover, analyze, classify, inventory, and map end-user-developed applications no matter where they reside.
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Automatically Analyze Files & Usage in High Fidelity

Understand every aspect of a file down to the cell level to determine whether it poses a risk, presents a migration roadblock, or offers a potential opportunity to transform and automate a process.
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Deploy with or Without a Discovery Agent

Workscope offers the flexibility of either "on-demand" or real-time, continuous discovery, achievable with or without an agent.
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Define the Scope of the Discovery Process

Automatically discover and gather metadata to build an inventory for any type of application, whether it's a spreadsheet, database, or low/no-code application.
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Use AI to Identify & Classify Sensitive Information

Analyze your data to pinpoint personal, financial, health, or other sensitive information within your data estate. Use this catalog for data governance, privacy, security, and to enhance your data map.
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Automate Data Lineage Discovery

Spreadsheets and databases are often interconnected with each other or different data sources. Workscope automatically maps out this lineage, eliminating the costly and time-consuming process of manual data lineage discovery.
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A consistent and unibased way to monitor internal processes

Discover & decode the ecosystem

Get an objective pulse on your operations tasks through a rapid discovery platform which analyses files regardless

Streamline Governance

Get an objective pulse on your operations tasks through a rapid discovery platform which analyses files regardless Identify key risks and detect threats before they become major incidents.

Supercharge transformation

Adapt quickly and safely with the visibility and business context to understand where the best ROI opportunities are


Have Questions?

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How can I deploy Workscope?
Workscope can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid setup to best suit your organization's needs.
What types of files can be discovered?
Any file type can be discovered and inventorised and you can select what type of files to discovery.
What's the difference between the agent-based and on-demand versions of Workscope?
The agent-based version involves installing lightweight agents on your end-user machines for continuous monitoring, while the on-demand version allows for more target scans where you can select the locations to run scans.
Will the agent slow down computers or disrupt end-user workflow?
No! Even if you are running other agents on end-user computers, there will be no impact or disruption for end-users. The agent is designed for low latency and will seamlessly gather data insights while people continue their work as normal.
Can I integrate Workscope with other tools and platforms in my tech stack?
Yes! Workscope has an API which can be used to send data to third-party or other internal systems.

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Shorten the time it takes to establish an inventory and assess the internal risks and opportunities.