EUC Discovery

Seamlessly discover and analyse every spreadsheet to gain a comprehensive understanding of all spreadsheet activity taking place across the organisation.

Dynamic EUC inventory

With Workscope, you can discover EUC files no matter where they reside - on network drives, SharePoint sites, document management systems, websites, or local desktop machines.

Continuous discovery

Workscope delivers continious, non-disruptive discovery, enabling you to maintain real-time transparency across EUCs so that you won't get caught out by stale data from periodic discovery scans.

Scalable discovery platform

Whether your organisation has hundreds, thousands or many millions of spreadsheets, Workscope will identify and analyse each one, which ensures that there is a complete transparency and good governance across your EUC processes.

Discovery with no limits

Unlike other solutions, Workscope has no restrictions on the size of files that can be analysed. Your riskiest and most complex files can often be large, and Workscope provides discovery and analysis on all files at all times.

Workscope lights beam

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