Data Lineage

Understand end-user data consumption and map out spreadsheet data dependencies from end-to-end

Automate data lineage discovery

Spreadsheets do not live in isolation and are often connected to one another, or other data sources. Workscope will automatically map out the lineage, enabling you to stop the costly, lengthy, process of data lineage discovery.

Enhance transparency & trust

End-to-End attribute-level data lineage visibility enables you to understand the complete chain of data connectivity across spreadsheet processes, including indirect linkages. Thus making it easy to monitor data dependencies and the knock-on effect of making changes to EUC processes.

Track third-party data

Automatically discover dependencies on proprietary or third-party data sources across the organisation to make informed decisions before you embark on data vendor cost-cutting or data migration programs.

Get regulatory compliant

Enhance compliance with GDPR and improve how personally identifiable data is managed with an automated approach to discovering and classifying personal data that resides within end-user developed spreadsheets.

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