Get a crystal clear view over spreadsheet activity

Discover. Analyze. Control.

Workscope delivers one platform to manage, monitor and govern spreadsheet activity across the company. This is achieved by mining enterprise activity and surfacing insights to deliver intelligence and control.

An illustration showing how the discovery, analysis, and control process happens automatically and helps companies get control over their spreadsheet processes.
Inadequate controls create huge financial and reputational risk

End-user computing activities are challenging to manage because they are moving targets. Automatically discovering and risk-assessing internal processes enables your organization to demonstrate control and avoid hidden operational risks.

An illustration showing how banks and financial institutions have been fined or lost significant amounts of money due to inadequate governance and internal controls.
Determine where your ROI resides, and build a metric based project plan

Cut down the time it takes to identify spreadsheet processes better served by automation or other technology platforms.

Changing the status quo requires a clear understanding of the current state. Workscope shows how your processes are executed on the ground and support a metrics-based approach to implementing change and transformation.

An illustration demonstrating how companies can move to a more efficient future state if they have detailed analysis on where the problems are in their current state of operations.
Leverage automation to track and analyze spreadsheet activities

Analyze files and spreadsheet activities without creating any manual burden or disrupting end-users. Workscope doesn’t leave any blind spots and delivers a full-spectrum view without time-consuming and costly support requirements.

The process of automatically discovering and analysing spreadsheets and EUCs continuously in real-time without disturbing end-user workflow
One platform to manage, monitor and control

Real-time insights enable you to answer questions about your internal spreadsheet activities. Files can be segmented and categorized based on a range of risk factors, which means you can spend less time analyzing data and more time taking action.

A dashboard showing how companies can manage their spreadsheet risk with customizable reporting that can be configured to reflect their internal controls policy.

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