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Workscope tackles spreadsheet sprawl by uniting discovery, streamlined governance, and workflow insights ➡️ delivering a cost-effective way to reduce data fragmentation and maximize ROI for process optimization.

A consistent and unbiased way to accelerate time to value

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how it works image
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“Always On” Observability Builds Trust and Confidence

Continuously monitor and visualize the vast amount of data-driven processes across your organization to proactively manage sprawl and ensure good governance.
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Leverage AI to Discover Hidden Risks & Orchestrate Governance

Consistently maintain a pulse on citizen development related files, data and processes and automatically govern and understand the business processes driving your business.
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Transform Sprawl Into a Competitive Advantage

Find more opportunities to improve quality and automation by harnessing insights that ensure less time is spent tackling data fragmentation and more time is freed up to focus on high-value work.
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Learn why Workscope is rated the most innovative vendor in its quadrant.

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OPPORTUNITY TO FIX productivity losses ​

Every Year 62 Billion Work Hours Are Lost Annually

Organizations are hindered by replying on legacy spreadsheet processes.
Data processes across the organization rely on inefficient legacy processes.
Workforce is spending time repeating the same or similar processes.

A Consistent and unibased way to monitor internal processes

Real-Time Visibility Across Business Operations

Seamlessly discover and analyse your ecosystem to gain a comprehensive understanding of manual processes and tasks taking place across the organization.
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Stop Guessing & Start Measuring, Instantly

Automatically evaluate and classify the internal inventory with detailed diagnostics to automatically identify problems, assign risk scores, assess materiality and measure efficiency.
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Orchestrate AI-Powered Governance & Controls

Leverage automation to operate internal controls and give employees a simple and frictionless way to contribute to the governance process without disturbing their workflow.
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Accelerate and Scale Transformation

Leverage data insights about how the organization runs to guide through the universe of automation and process optimization possibilities with more certainty and lower cost.
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Deliver Governance & Transformation at speed

“Always-On” observability boosts enterprise agility, expedites issue resolution, and identifies areas for enhancing resilience and process efficiency
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Accelerate your way to a more resilient and efficient enterprise.